Saturday, August 20, 2016

The item I received is high quality and the customer service is helpful.-Tidebuy Reviews

"love all i bought was exactly same as displayed,though wasn't happy with shipping items different days as i had ordered and paid all same time. We love Tidebuy. We have ordered several items from them and are always please."-this is my tidebuy reviews.

Tidebuy. well is been an absolutely pleasure shopping with tidebuy and they makes me happy with what i get from them and i love every items that i bought from them as well... just so you know i got compliment where ever i go it doesn't matter if it's my workplace friends house at the shopping mall downtown compliment finds me and that's why i keep ordering for more stuff from you guys because i can't seems to get a enough of what i have, did i just say that out loud, yeah that's right i did, and i really can't get enough... oh yeah i almost forgot you guys haven't seen the last of me yet shopping with tidebuy!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The dress was absolutely amazing.-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, this is one of the customer on Tidebuy who has written this tidebuy reviews:

I rececently purchased a wedding dress on and what an amazing experience.

I placed the order on the 8th of July and received the dress on the 21st of (it was shipped on the 19th)

The dress was absolutely amazing. A little thread here and there that needed cutting but overall it was very well put together and almost identical to the picture online.

There customer service department also good, communicates extremely well with the client and always willing and able to assist. After sales good, provided all necessary docs for customs clearance when requested. This however I had to deduct a star for as I had to request the docs more than once and it had to be requested. It should automatically be sent once the order had gone through.

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Absolutely love their great selection of fashion clothes"-Tidebuy Reviews

Do you want to read some tidebuy reviews on its shipping method, quality of the goods, customer service and so on.

Shopping from Tidebuy was one of my best experiences for online dress purchasing. Website is full of magnificent designers creation, with elegant colors that have great attractions for visitors. I bought a fringed a-line midi dress with short sleeves for my wife that was looking very attractive. Their price is amazingly reasonable that convinced me more to place an order immediately. I didn't feel disappointment because they delivered a good stuff on time. I highly recommend this website.I'll be back with some other orders asap.

Let's read some tidebuy reviews below:

Absolutely love their great selection of fashion clothes. All trendy and fab and so much to choose from! I'm excited every time my orders arrive! I am pleased with all but one dress I received last week which is a little too short. I returned easily and without any hassle at all. Easy return process and their website is so good. The prices are reasonable, their flash sales are to watch out for. It's the ultimate online shopping experience. Love these guys!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"My shopping experience was exceptional."-Tidebuy Reviews

The following are some tidebuy reviews from our customers:

After placing my order I was contacted immediately of my order, even one of the item was not available I was asked to choose another item or amount would be credited back. Because of the service I wanted to order another dress. I am especially impressed with attention to detail of customer service representative that kept open line communication

Hey, I bought a beautiful and quirky dress on the 3rd of July for my girlfriend. It was for a $139.00 and it was delivered to me within a week's time, which was really amazing! Superbly designed, high material quality as well as sparkling color accents and my girl was really amazed with it. The dress fits her perfectly and she was really impressed with how it all turned out in the end. All eyes were on her as we walked towards our dinner-date reservations, ravish and stammeringly graceful. Honestly, I was a little unsure of ordering from this place in the beginning, as I had only heard about this from a friend. However, the dress is one of the best gifts ever, and shes totally in love with it. Thanks for making this special occasion, an extraordinary and unique moment for the both of us.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Elegant Glamorous Wedding Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

This wedding dress looks so elegant and beautiful, I guess so many people would love it. It is shared by tidebuy reviews on Let's look at the picture below.

You can also read some Tidebuy Reviews below to know more:

I placed an order for a red dress to wear to my welcome reception. At first, I must admit that I was skeptical having been scammed before. But, I tried it anyway. I ordered three items. One item was not available, so I received a refund for that item. My red dress was delivered, I tried it on and it fit nicely. I was very pleased. I'm waiting on my other dress which is delayed due to DHL, but I'm confident that it will be just as beautiful. I have about 10 other items sitting in my cart. I plan to place the order of the dress I'm waiting on is ok. So, I'm happy and I wouldn't call it a scam. A word of advise for sizing. Take a minute to look at the sizing chart. Not all designers sizes are created equal and not all smalls are created equal. I normally a medium, but had to order a large because of the dimensions noted in the sizing chart.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

"Their are a lots of designs and color variations to choose"-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, girls, here will be some tidebuy reviews for you reading and I think from where you'll know so much on Tidebuy.

Tidebuy, I have been admiring your Designers ability for application and detail and would like to know, are the Designer's students? I have 11 favorite dresses and will be ordering in the near future. I feel several of your designers will become, Haute Couture designers sooner than they realize.

Really great. Their are a lots of designs and color variations to choose the right dress for my friend to gift her and exactly I got the right thing for her. I really amazed with their nicely designed products. They communicated with me quickly and all the steps were easy to follow. Their website is also well-designed, clean, professional and really easy to buy products from them. They delivered the product to me within the time. So I recommend everyone to buy from them. They are really great.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Will You Choose Maxi Dress As the First Choice in Summer?- Tidebuy Reviews

Firstly, let's read some tidebuy reviews on maxi dress: 

A maxi dress is a type of dress that is long, usually floor-length, and made with soft, free-flowing fabric. These dresses come in a wide variety of designs, from floral prints to solid colors, as well as many styles, from halter dresses to bandeau tops. Most women wear them as maternity dresses because they are comfortable, but it is common to see them worn as summer dresses.

Best Maxi Dresses for Different Body Types
Most people think that maxi dresses are only for tall and willowy women. While these do look best on long and lean frames, women who have other body types should not be afraid of wearing these fabulous dresses. There is a maxi dress style for almost every body type, including curvy women, short women, pear shape women, boyish frames, and busty women.

Tidebuy Reviews will share more details on this kind of dresses, hope you can always pay attention on us if you're interested in.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Choose A Beautiful Prom Dress?-Tidebuy Reviews

There are very few times in your life when you get to wear a truly glamorous, jaw-dropping dress. Why not make your prom night one of those times with a beautiful, flattering, perfect prom dress?
Here tidebuy reviews will share some useful tips on how to choose a beautiful prom dress via wikihow.

Many formal gowns (including prom dresses) require alterations for a perfect fit, and you will want to allow enough time to complete these alterations.So you'd better plan to choose and puchase your prom dress around four to six weeks before your prom.

Consider your face shape in order to choose the perfect neckline If you have an oval face, then you are blessed with what it is considered to be the ideal face shape - forehead wider than the chin, cheekbones slightly prominent and face delicately narrowing towards the chin, which is narrow and oval.

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