Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Many beautiful and good quality clothes-Tidebuy Reviews

There’re so many online shops for all kinds of clothes that we often are at a loss where to go shopping. Today, you may read some tidebuy reviews to know the products, customer service on Tidebuy.

Very Satisfied

it's a good store, my orders take minimum time to ship to my address. the quality of the items is ok. and the support center is very kind. I am satisfied with buying in this store. I recommend this site!

the enlighten shop

I totally recommend this store.
Many beautiful and good quality clothes, excellent treatment and service. They are lovely!!
The clothes I have bought there has became my favourite ones! I wanted to buy all store, it is totally the best shop to buy online!

new waredrobe time!!!

Wow, finding Tidebuy is like finding an open closet of clothes... and not feeling guilty about filling mine with it. Follow the posts, check the sizes... and convert them... take your measurements and you'll find great well made clothes that will make you feel like a million. I bought one dress in a 3x and one in a medium so don't go by your 'usual' size. I've just placed a second order.

Great Place for clothes for a great price

I enjoy buying from sammydress I have thavewo kids and can't always splurge on clothes but on here j can gjt what I want or need and noort have to worry about the price!

I love Tidebuy!

I love buying from Tidebuy, it is an exellent online store and the products are good quality and inexpensive

Read all of the tidebuy reviews above, you’ve known Tidebuy. How do you think about it and do you want to buy your clothes there? Maybe you can have a try!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews for Cute A-Line Square Floor-Length Applique Flower Girls Dress

This is Cute A-Line Square Floor-Length Applique Flower Girls Dress from Tidebuy, shared by tidebuy reviews. Hope it is your girl's style.
Here are some tidebuy reviews for you reading:
LOVE Tidebuy !

Site qui vend de tout : vêtements, chaussures, accessoires, beauté, maison, enfants etc. 
J'ai déjà commandé plusieurs fois sur ce site et je le recommande à 100%. Je n'ai jamais eu aucun problème et la livraison est assez rapide venant d'Asie pour la France (3 semaines environ).
Je recommande juste à celles et ceux qui souhaite commander de TOUJOURS se fier au tableau des mesures concernant les tailles. Les tailles asiatiques ne sont pas du tout pareil que les tailles européennes (ou autre d'ailleurs).
Et surtout les prix sont très abordables.

My favorite online store! Amazing cheap things!

Is my favorite online store! I heard it from some friends . I ordered a few things and I liked it! I did not expect to be so good the quality - price . Things are fashionable , are cheap and quality . I can not wait to get my next paycheck to spend on a new order. :) I m a shopping addiction! :D

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The clothes always look super cute-Tidebuy Reviews

As you all know that tidebuy is a super online shop for wedding dress, all kinds of special occasion dress, day dress, high heels and so on. So, do you want to read some tidebuy reviews from customers?

Love Tidebuy

I shop a lot at Tidebuy and I love their products. They are good prices and they offer fast shipping options. I have received broken items before but the majority of the items I have received are beautiful.

Unique, affordable finds!

I love to browse this site! 
The clothes always look super cute and everything is very affordable. 
Customer service is fast, efficient and very polite. :)
I they shipped my orders within hours after I placed them!!!

Great Shopping

Tidebuy has a lot of affordable products that I love. I've bought three watches from them and they arrived in a reasonable amount of time. My package came in the mail in as quickly as 2 weeks. The items definitely looked great for the price. Recommend to anyone

Second Home!

Tidebuy has become my second home, I am really impressed with their products as they are very trendy and comfortable and accommodating of all body shapes! The customer care service is efficient and friendly which makes shopping with Tidebuy an absolute splendour and I will definitely be making more purchases there!

After reading all these tidebuy reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? Want to buy some dress from there?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Priced low and fit so good-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, do you know Tidebuy? Have you done some shopping there? Here, you will have a chance to read some tidebuy customer reviews, which maybe helpful for you online shopping.


i purchased a dress from Tidebuy.com. It is true to size. Priced low and fit so good. The fabric is so soft! Iwill definitely order again from them

Love Tidebuy.com

I have had the best experience with Tidebuy.com. all of my orders have been satisfactory and their customer service is great. Only on one occassion I had an issue with an order and they helped me very quickly and corrected the problem without a hitch. I love Tidebuy.com and i think persons should give them a try

Extremely Satisfied

I browsed Tidebuy for some time before making my first purchase because I was very suspicious about how they could be offering the various styles at the prices listed. To my surprise, I was very satisfied with the overall shopping experience. The wide selection made it really difficult to place a small order. LOL. The package arrived to my home sooner than predicted by Tidebuy and the courier, letting me know my order was immediately processed. And lastly, after receiving my package I noticed two items were missing. I immediately contacted their customer service and someone got back with me immediately informing of the issue and giving me multiple options. I have ordered from websites in the past and never been able to get in contact with a representative to ask a questions or better yet request a refund. I will be a loyal customer going forward.

How do you think about Tidebuy now? Do you want to read more tidebuy reviews?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews for Floor Length A-Line Beaded Lace Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Today, tidebuy reviews will bring a very classic and sexy wedding dress, hope it will be your taste. 
How about this one? 
You can also read some tidebuy reviews here:

Amazing website!

Tidebuy is a very good website and very recommended. I have only bought skirts or dresses but they are very cute, cheap and just as I expected. Beware, that the fabric is not the best quality, but for the prices they cost, it is very reasonable. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but now I have become a customer who have purchased items from their website several times. It is really nice!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Suede Platform Ankle Strap Prom Shoes

What you will see the next is a pair of prom high heels from Tidebuy.com. It looks so elegant and sexy that many people ordered it. 

Tidebuy reviews is always happy to share all kinds of fashion style with you. Hope you will enjoy!

Two colors can be chosen: red and black. Which color is better for you? 
It can be tied for many styles which you may learn by yourself according to your style. Now, you can also read some tidebuy customer reviews:

Excellent company, great deals
“I am very pleased with the service and goods I received from Tidebuy. My order arrived quickly, was exactly what I purchased and fit as expected. I will definitely purchase from them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful clothes at a great price."

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tidebuy Pearls Lace Top Open Back Long Sleeves Ball Gown Wedding Dress Reviews

This is Pearls Lace Top Open Back Long Sleeves Ball Gown Wedding Dress from Tidebuy. Do you love it? So many people choose to order this one and gave us some tidebuy customer reviews for you reading .

How do you think about this wedding dress? It looks very elegant, right?
Here you can read some tidebuy reviews:

"thank you tidebuy, i actually thought my order in not going to be delivered on time as my wedding is this weekend.......i got my gown today, it fits perfectly! good job great customer service!"

"Stunning wedding gown. The quality is very good. Bead work is true to the picture. You will need to wear a bridal petticoat to get a puffy look like the picture. The trail is just as shown in the picture as well."

Friday, December 18, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Cool Black Tulle Appliques Mini Cocktail Dress

Today, tidebuy reviews will bring a very classic and sexy party dress, hope it will be your taste. 
This is Cool Black Tulle Appliques Mini Cocktail Dress, do you love it? How do you think about it? 

You may also read some tidebuy reviews to know more:
20 pairs of shoes from them.
I’ve ordered about 20 pairs of shoes from Tidebuy over the past 6 years. They are one of the best online retailers in the world. I’ve never had any trouble returning an item or issues with an order. Their shipping is so fast! I can always find the shoes I’m looking for on Tidebuy.com or dressve.com. Tidebuy doesn’t ship internationally yet, but since I’ve moved from the US to Australia, I hope they start soon!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Square Shaped Women's Earrings

All the girls love to collect some accessories, such as hairstyle maker, rings, earrings, hair pins and so on. Tidebuy reviews will show you a pair of cute earrings, hope you will like.

Do you like this cute earrings?
You may read some tidebuy customer reviews here:

"I am IN LOVE with the items I’ve purchased from Tidebuy. As a law student, dressing accordingly is key, and can become quite costly when you’re trying to make the right impression in an interview. The size is true to form, saying that it is cost efficient is an understatement, not to mention the fabulous selection of business & casual attire. I am 100% likely to be ordering from this site for a VERY long time!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tidebuy Floor Length Ball Gown Off the Shoulder Cinderella Girl's Party Dress Reviews

Each little girl wants to be a princess from very young. In terms of this, they ask their parents for cute party dress and learn to act to be elegant. It's so interesting, right? 

Tidebuy reviews here specially help you realize the dream. Why? Because we can offer so many stylish and cute party dresses which may be so suitable for you at a party. Just look at the pictures below, you can know more.

Do you like it for the first sight?
If you want to know more details about this dress or some other little girls' party dresses, please visit our tidebuy reviews. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews for Wedding Dress

Wedding as a very important thing in one's life needs so much preparations, such as wedding dresses, wedding party design and so on. All the girls love to be the most beautiful and charming bride on their wedding day. So choosing a stylish wedding dress for yourself is so important. Where to get the most suitable wedding dress? Tidebuy reviews today will recommend Tidebuy.com to all of you.

Tidebuy is a super clothes online market which includes wedding dresses, all kinds of special occasion dresses, all kinds of shoes, accessories and so on. 

You can read some tidebuy customer reviews below to know more details on Tidebuy.

I got my dress right when they said I would and it is in perfect condition. Exactly what I ordered and expected. I was scared to death to order my wedding dress online but I am so glad that I did! The price was great for the dress and for shipping also!

I ordered this dress in white for my wedding this June. The dress looks nearly identical to the picture and is good quality. It is covered in glass seed beads, white sequins, and pearl beads. It fits me perfectly. There are a few loose strings all over the dress that will need to be trimmed. I requested the back of the dress to be made with buttons and included pictures to show what I would like. The dress came with buttons on only a portion of the back, a zipper up the rest of it, and did not look anything like what I requested. It is still very pretty, nevertheless. The dress took about twice as long to arrive as estimated apparently because my request was not understood. I was not contacted, and only once I contacted Tidebuy did they actually tell me they needed clarification on my request, and then still did not do the buttons how I requested. The dress is beautiful as it is though, and I will be happy to wear it on my wedding day.

After reading all the tidebuy reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? Any suggestion is ok. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Gorgerous Empire Waistline A-Line Tulle Neckline Beading Long Evening Dress

As you all know that all women love to be more beautiful and we always love to find beautiful dresses. Here, today, tidebuy reviews will offer you a long evening dress, hope you will like it.
How do you think about it and do you love it too?
Let's see how our customers comment on this dress:
This dress is stunning.It is flattering and fits perfectly.I do need alterations.I love the dress.Great experience.Very well made.I would order from here again. Noble and elegant my dress.The cost is on the high side,ordered and was shipped to me within 7 days.Good services and I would still consider coming back if they lowered their some prices.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Hollow Rose Hair Tie

WOW, This Hollow Rose Hair Tie looks so beautiful, do you like it? I just got it from Tidebuy and I think it's so beautiful. Girls who bought this one left some tidebuy reviews where you can read more.
How do you think about it? Love it? 
Ok, here you can start to read tidebuy customer reviews:
Very, very pretty. Great quality and shipping was super fast!they are great quality! and very long so you can cut them to the length of your hair.my nieces love them, and so do I. great color and easy to use.They Look awesome, Extremely happy with them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Solid Long Sleeve Belt Skater Dress

Hi, pay attention please! Tidebuy reviews here brings you a great surprise. Do you want to know? You know, all women love fashion. The next you will see an amazing Solid Long Sleeve Belt Skater Dress, which looks so beautiful.
Wow, it's really so amazing, right? The yellow color is charming just like the color of Autumn. 
Now, you may read some tidebuy reviews which may help you know more details on Tidebuy. 
"For this order and other orders sent through the past timeframe, the products delivered were as advertised. One of the orders had a missing item that customer service promptly addressed by resending. The additional duty charges I had incurred have been refunded promptly. Overall, excellent customer service, with prompt response times. The website is easy to navigate and the forum section is informative."

Monday, December 7, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews for T Shaped with Beads Wedge Sandals

Hi, everyone, do you want to go shopping with me? Here I found a pair of wedge heel sandals from Tidebuy. Maybe you will like it. Just look at the following picture, and you can also read some tidebuy reviews to know more. 
This is T Shaped with Beads Wedge Sandals from Tidebuy and it has 2 colors online.
How do you think about this shoes? Maybe it is better for you to read some tidebuy customer reviews for this shoes after they received it.

So cheap that the quality will be poor, thought moving good quality, will not wear the foot, the style is also very nice, it is to buy a little small, but also very comfortable to wear.

Shoes really beautiful, has been very loyal to this pearl sandals, style is really nice, some time ago in other stores have also bought a pair of 80's, wearing a second cut off, get very embarrassed. This is not, specifically through the evaluation, and very comfortable. Very satisfied.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Solid Color Long Sleeve Lace Dress with Bowknot

Hello, today tidebuy reviews will bring you a very nice and charming dress. Hope you will enjoy. And also, you can read some materials on Tidebuy, such as shipping speed, parcel, payment methods and so on.

This is Solid Color Long Sleeve Lace Dress with Bowknot, it has two colors-black and white. You may choose one you like.
Here are some tidebuy customer reviews for you reading:
" Absolutely beautiful! We think this is a rare find for our new bathroom. Makes it look like a hotel. Takes a lot of time to assemble, but well worth it in the end! "
"Very good quality wedding dress. Beading and sewing on the dress is good quality. I got it earlier than expected. I love it!"

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Chic Plaids Girl's Trench Coat

Wow, there are so many beautiful and cute little girl dresses on Tidebuy. Do you want to go and have a look? Maybe you can get one as a gift for your kids or your young sister.

This is Chic Plaids Girl's Trench Coat for kids. Many girls love this style and ordered it. 

One customer said that" my daughter loves this dress the first sight and i'll order one as her Christmas gift. A big surprise will come soon and I think she will be very happy for that..."

Now, what's your plan? Do you want to get one? If you want to know some more details on Tidebuy, such as, shipping methods, pay methods, and so on, you can just get a quick look at tidebuy reviews

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Chic Appliques Belt Skater Dress

All the girls love beautiful dresses and love to make themselves with different styles. Well, Tidebuy is a reliable online store for these beautiful dresses you are looking for. Just look at the following dress, you will be very thankful to tidebuy reviews.
This is Chic Appliques Belt Skater Dress from Tidebuy. How do you think about it when you see it the first sight? Many girls bought this one and gave good customer reviews here.
After seeing these 2 pictures, how do you think about this dress? Maybe you love it too. If you are looking for more beautiful dresses just as this style, please come to Tidebuy. It 100% won't regret you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Fashion Women Rings

Hi, everyone, how is everything going on? Have you done some shopping at the Black Friday & Cyber Monday? As you all know, almost every woman loves ring. Recently, there are so many wonderful style of women ring on sale at Tidebuy. 

Let's start to look at some rings, and also you can read some tidebuy reviews the following.

Delicate Gemstone Decorated 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Rhinestone Decorated 925 Sterling Silver Women's Ring

Natural Amethyst Decorated Silver Ring

Which one do you prefer? Just enjoy! Now read how customers comment on Tidebuy:
"The sword i bought is all wooden like it was said, safe for cosplay, and quite light and long, the sword casing is tight, so it wont fly out by swinging it. 
Always received my items in good condition and i'm satisfied.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tidebuy Reviews-Purple Long Evening Dress

Hi, everyone, I know you love different colors of dresses, but for me, I'd prefer some purple dresses. Sometimes, they looks so beautiful and amazing.

Today, tidebuy reviews will bring a purple long evening dress for you, hope you'll enjoy. 

    Brilliant A-Line One Shoulder Appliques Beading Long Evening Dress

    How about this one? Do you like it? Some customer gave us some comments on this, and you may read them on tidebuy reviews here. 

    Wow, once I saw the dress, it looked even better than the photo itself...Thank you Tidebuy, for making me happy. its a marvelous dress. its even more good looking than the photo . its everything i wanted and more. thank u so much. Brilliant in everything, Thanks.

    Friday, November 27, 2015

    Tidebuy Fast Delivery Dresses Reviews

    Hello, do you know Tidebuy has some fast delivery dresses? Many people love these dresses such as evening dress, prom dress, formal dress and so on. You can choose one for yourself at tidebuy fast delivery dress reviews. Hope you'll enjoy.

    This white Fresh Scoop Neck Appliques Cap Sleeves A-Line Long Prom Dress is from fast delivery dresses. How do you think about it?

    You can know more from the following some tidebuy customer reviews

    Amazing dress and well made! I decided to order another dress because I was very impressed with this one! I would definite recommend this site for anyone.

    Beautiful dress just what I hoped for as it is to be my prom dress!The beadings are shiny and beautiful.Gorgeous dress, lovely to wear and looked stunning.Thank you tidebuy.

    Firstly, thank you for your good service. It is the third time that I have bought dresses here. Your dresses are all very high-quality with reasonable prices. Besides, the delivery speed is always so fast. And as for the prom dress this time, I think I chose a right one. I felt myself a little bit of a movie star wearing it on . And I have recommended your shop to many of my friends. You are always reliable. And I think you will always do a booming business.

    Thursday, November 26, 2015

    Tidebuy Black Party Dress Reviews

    This Cool Sweetheart Lace Beading Tiered Short Black Cocktail Dress is so popular among people that they gave back a lot of tidebuy party dress reviews

    You can see the picture of this dress below, and read some tidebuy reviews to know more, enjoy!

    These are the comments of the dress from customers:
    Now, how do you think about this dress? Tell us here freely. 

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    Each Beauty Will Love-Tidebuy Reviews

    Each woman love to be more beautiful, and there's no exception. As we all know that each accessory of women has very important role on the whole. So, ring as a part of them is so meaningful. 

    I'd love to share some beautiful ring with you here, and you may choose one most beautiful. Moreover, you can also read some tidebuy reviews here.

    How about this one? Read how other people comment it: 
    This ring presented by Eight Hearts & Eight Arrows is just out of the world. These were my spontaneous reactions on seeing it. I just can’t resist myself from buying it because of it magical shine.
    This is the bitrhday gift for my dear, she like the crown ring very much,happy.

    This heart shaped women engagement ring will inject some attractive magnetism to your personality and will make you look glamorous. The sapphire that has been used is so blue color and is genuine.
    Embellished with blue sapphire stone this is a quirky women engagement ring that has made my style statement unique. The blue and silver combination adds more appeal to it.
    Just by looking at the blue sapphire diamond of this women engagement silver ring I decided that I would buy this silver ring. I mean just look at the designs.

    Read more tidebuy reviews to know more on Tidebuy and to be more beautiful. 

    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    Tidebuy Reviews-Plaid Sequins Clutch/Evening Bag

    Ladies! Come here to have a look at this clutch! How do you think about this one? This Plaid Sequins Clutch/Evening Bag is from Tidebuy and I saw some people gave their tidebuy reviews there. Here I'd love to share with you.

    This handbag is EXACTLY what I was looking for, it is absolutely perfect in every single detail. I will be purchasing more in the very near future. Every lady should have this amazing bag for the amazing price. EXCELLENT quality.

    I preferred carrying this clutches and evening bag for the occasion of my brother’s wedding. I looked too splendid and ravishing like actress while carrying this clutches and evening bag.

    The fabulous color of this clutches and evening bag is extremely impressive. The flower shape and decoration of this chic clutches and evening bag is very dazzling.

    How do you think about it now? If you still want to know more, please visit tidebuy bags reviews. Thanks! 

    Mermaid Long Evening Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

    Hello, everyone, there are some new arrival on Tidebuy, do you want to have a look? We never thought it's so popular among people and most of them gave us feedback on tidebuy reviews. OK, read them here. 

    This is Great Mermaid Straps Sequins Beading Sweep Train Long Evening Dress from Tidebuy, how about looking from the picture? 
    Customers who have bought from us gave the following tidebuy dress reviews on it. 

    My daughter's dress arrived today and it looks exactly like the photo from which she selected her prom dress, and the color she chose is perfect as the picture.?The fabric is a pretty.?Overall a really excellent experience.

    I ordered this dress for my Granddaughter's prom.?It needed to be a quick turn around, and this company was wonderful.?They emailed me and kept me informed about the dress.?The dress arrived in plenty if time and fit absolutely perfect.?The dress is top quality.?We will surely order from them the next time a dress is needed.

    This is a great dress.?I was a little worried because it's so affordable, but it's really well made.?The color is spot on and will be a great evening dress.

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    Tidebuy Reviews-Evening Dress Reviews

    As you all know, Tidebuy is an online shop for all kinds of dresses, such as wedding dress, evening dress, prom dress, homecoming dress, woman outfits and so on. 

    Well so, how about the reputation of Tidebuy? Maybe you can read some tidebuy customer reviews to know the details

    Look at this Delicate Ruched Strapless Split-Front Sheath Zipper-up Long Evening Dress, how do you think about it? Here I prefer show some customers' tidebuy evening dress reviews for you reading.

    Tidebuy reviews for this evening dress:

    ohhhh i love this dress, am very proud to having purchased it. Quality of the finish is excellent, colour exactly as picture although bust fit was alittle tight but its great. Thank you so much. Iam definitely making another purchase :)

    The mermaid strapless dress arrived way before it was expected. The evening dress is beautiful and well made except for one detail. So satisfied with my order from you and happy with your great service!!!!

    Seeing is believing. I never thought the evening dress I bought online should be so perfect. The style, the quality and the good service are all satisfying. I will introduce my friends to buy from you. Really a good bargain!!!!

    Now, you've finished reading the above tidebuy reviews, if you still want to know more, please visit our website. 

    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Tidebuy Reviews-How to Choose An Elegant Prom Dress?

    As we all know all girls or women love to take part in a wonderful party, that's really amazing! Well, do you want to know how to choose one beautiful and elegant prom dress? Read the following tips for choosing prom dress on tidebuy reviews, you will get more.

    Prom dress just like this one, in my opinion, is one very elegant and beautiful. 
    Firstly, you 'd better to make sure what party you will take part in. And then, choose the suitable color, style, and so on.

    Secondly, you should try and make sure the size of your dress to be suitable, and next you will pick the matched accessories such as handbag, jewelry, high heels and so on. 

    These are just some simple ways to choose one prom dress, you can learn more on tidebuy reviews. Welcome to your coming.

    Tidebuy Reviews-I have been satisfied with this seller

    Hello, everyone, today I'd love to bring some tidebuy reviews for you reading, from which you may get much details on Tidebuy. Hope it will be helpful for you.

    "So far, I have been satisfied with this seller. A few clothing items are a little small so check sizing carefully and when in doubt go up at least one size (especially for lingerie items). "

    "Tidebuy has some really nifty gadgets and products in store. Love shopping with them. The only better thing would be for them is to offer free shipping. But still thumbs up for the collection of products and great customer service.
    I have ordered from them couple of times and will do so in the coming future."

    "I was skeptical at first because this sender didn't have any reviews on this particular product. However, I was very impressed with the shipment/processing time. The price of this swimsuit is worth it!! Now on to the swimsuit... I adore this swimsuit. It looks just like the picture and the colors are vivid. I can't wait to wear this on my birthday trip to Miami! Plus I have a booty, so it is extremely cheeky and it has the option to wear them a bit more preservative. ;) VERSATILITY! lol "

    "My order was priced so reasonably priced that I couldn't not order.

    It took a little longer than I would have liked but when it got to me I was extremely happy."

    After reading the above tidebuy customer reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? If there are still some details you want to know, please visit shoespie reviews

    Friday, November 6, 2015

    TIDEBUY REVIEWS-Top List Online Shop for Overseas

    Hi, Guys! Do you know an online website named Tidebuy? It is said that Tidebuy is one of the top 10 online shops for women's clothes, such as wedding dress, outwear, pants, shoes, wigs, hand made jewelries and so on. 

    Well, how much do you know about it? Want to know the details? Let's read some tidebuy reviews here to satisfied your needs.

    Really Love Tidebuy! 

    "I really like Tidebuy. Since placing my first order with them back in 2014, I can say I haven't being disappointed, my first purchase was clothing and a pair of shoe for my daughter. Ever since I being ordering jewelries and the quality is way beyond my expectation. I got this earring and it exceeded my expectation. It was more beautiful than expected. Thanks to all the vendors that Tidebuy, works with. Beautiful pieces. . I will continue to order from it, not just for there products, but for there customer service and quick respond to your problem. And the rewards are not bad either. Thanks Tidebuy! "

    Will continue purchasing all my stuff from here.
    " It's a good watch. Delivery time: 15 days , but the processing lasted 1 month... It is just like what's on the store's page. I have order items from it several times.. And the products been great. Shipping has been great as well. "

    So satisfied with this site! 
    "I feel really satisfied with shopping from this web store. I know I will do again!"

    After reading the above 3 tidebuy customer reviews, you may know something about it and may be you are the next fan for Tidebuy.

    Thursday, November 5, 2015

    TIDEBUY REVIEWS-Excellent Service, Better than Expected

    Maybe some of you have known Tidebuy, and got the beloved items from it. Well, some if you may know it the first time, no matter what, here you can be lucky to read some real customers' tidebuy reviews.

    From these reviews made by customer of tidebuy, you may hear some comments of good or bad tips on tidebuy, from which you can know clearly on it. Let's start reading them.

    Excellent Service, better than expected

    Purchased a fashion wedding dress from Tidebuy. It arrived a little later than advertised so 

    wrote to them. They promptly replied and offered me a US$10 voucher in return. Good start. 
    When I had ordered the dress I had paid for the 'Customs & Taxes' cover, think it cost circa EUR 10. When it arrived here in Italy the customs charged me circa EUR 40. I send a copy of the customs receipt to Tidebuy who then reimbursed me the full EUR 40.
    Wedding dress was great, as expected. 

    To summise. Amazing customer service from Tidebuy, very impressed, and would gladly recommend to friends. 

    Maybe you can also recommend this website to the people who needs to buy something after reading the above tidebuy reviews. Thanks for your reading, it's a pleasure thing to share to me. 

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    TIDEBUY REVIEWS: Some Customer Reviews for Shopping at Tidebuy

    Hello, Every friend, firstly, really thankful for the long-term of reading my blog here. Today I'll change the action as usual to show some tidebuy reviews for all to read. I think these reviews may help you more while shopping online.

    Review 1
    "So far, I have been satisfied with this seller. A few clothing items are a little small so check sizing carefully and when in doubt go up at least one size (especially for lingerie items). "

    Review 2
    "Tidebuy has some really nifty gadgets and products in store. Love shopping with them. The only better thing would be for them is to offer free shipping. But still thumbs up for the collection of products and great customer service. I have ordered from them couple of times and will do so in the coming future."

    Review 3 

    "I was skeptical at first because this sender didn't have any reviews on this particular product. However, I was very impressed with the shipment/processing time. The price of this swimsuit is worth it!! Now on to the swimsuit... I adore this swimsuit. It looks just like the picture and the colors are vivid. I can't wait to wear this on my birthday trip to Miami! Plus I have a booty, so it is extremely cheeky and it has the option to wear them a bit more preservative. ;) VERSATILITY! lol "

    Have you finished reading all of these tidebuy customer reviews? How do you think about it? Maybe you can have a try and find the beloved items here, if so you will be the next tidebuy fan! 

    Friday, October 30, 2015

    Tidebuy Stiletto Heel Pumps Reviews

    Hi, everyone, do you know Tidebuy? Or have you ever made an order at there? You know, it's so wise to read some sincere reviews before shopping at a website. Here you can read some really sincere tidebuy shoes reviews, which maybe helpful for you. 

    Round Toe Cut Out Lace-Up Stiletto Heel Pumps

    I totally liked the black color available in this collection of pumps. I feel the darker shade gives me a better look and also suits my complexion the most. The design of this pump shoe is very unique and that is what has attracted me the most. This pump shoe also goes very well with my large feet and makes it look thinner and sleeker.

    Crystal Heel Platform Ankle Strap Pumps

    Nice solid Color Long Ankle Strap Pumps, and it is a good purchase, I will purchase again. The price is really cheap. Love these Ankle Strap Pumpss, the shoes is really in good quality Thanks Tidebuy.

    New Unique All-matched Pumps

    I wore this Ankle Strap Pumps with my favorite dress and i was pleased with the buckle decorations that were adjustable and gave my foot an enhanced stride. The packaged was delivered on time and it’s amazing.

    PU Ankle Strap with Platform Stiletto Heel Pumps

    I so much liked the light cream color of this amazing pump shoe. I feel that this pump shoe can enhance my looks and also will make me an my leg look great.